Sick and Shut In Ministry Directory

The Sick and Shut-In Ministry Directory was designed to make it easy for those who are sick and shut-in to find a prayer ministry, visitation ministry or community outreach ministry. There are far too many people at home, in hospitals and nursing facilities who are sick and shut-in that have no one to pray or visit with them. The community outreach ministries listed in our directory will help those who are in need of food, shelter and clothing.

If your church has a prayer ministry, visitation ministry, community outreach ministry or a sick and shut-in ministry list your church with us. Our sick and shut-in directory will provide your church the tools to enhance and promote your ministries, as well as create new member opportunities.

Sick and Shut In Prayer Ministry

A prayer ministry is a group of Christian volunteers who organize and plan prayer for those who are unable to attend church services due to being ill at home, in a hospital, assisted living facility or a nursing home. A prayer ministry prays for the sick and for their families with financial needs as well as personal family difficulties. This prayer ministry serves to offer prayer and support to sick and shut in members and non-members.

Sick and Shut In Visitation Ministry

When we hear the term visitation ministry we think of visiting the sick and shut-in in our church family. As well, there are non-members in our community that are sick and shut-in who also need a visit. Generally speaking when we hear the term visitation ministry we think of the lonely and the elderly. There are children and young adults that are also sick and shut-in. If you or someone you know needs a visit, submit your visit request.

Community Outreach Ministry

The Community Outreach Ministry connects with people in our community by helping them with their needs. Outreach ministries reach out to the working poor, the homeless, and their families within urban neighborhoods. We provide services such as food, shelter and clothing as well as information to those who might not otherwise have access. The churches listed in our directory provide all of these services and so much more.

Add Your Sick and Shut In Ministry to Our Directory

Using our directory is the perfect way to organize, re-organize or enhance your sick and shut-in ministry. It will help your ministry keep track of those who are sick and shut-in. As we know, a forgotten member is a lost member. Your church listing will be advertised in your community providing your church with new member opportunities. We will provide your sick and shut-in ministry a six page directory listing for $39.95 per month.